Tox That Headache Away

As most of you know we have an amazing cosmetic nurse that works out of our salon performing cosmetic injectables (botulinum A and fillers). Two weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and I haven't looked back!

I'm plagued by migraines and on average I have 2-3 a week. I had heard that botulinum A can relieve some of the pain by relaxing the muscles associated with headaches.

Laura treated my forehead and the corrugator muscle between my brows. There's a bit of a prick but nothing painful and it's all over after 15mins. It takes about 4 days to take full effect but by the next day I could already see a difference. My forehead feels a lot smoother and more relaxed and my husband loves the fact that I can't furrow my brows in disappointment at him! The biggest difference is that I've only had one small headache since my treatment which is amazing! For anyone suffering like I was I highly recommend giving it a go! No lines and no headache, yes please!