Don't Fake It! Lift Your Lashes Naturally...

Here at The Little Beautique we have stumbled across the holy grail of lash treatments!

Lash lifting is like a perm for your eyelashes. It lifts the lashes from the root only creating a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length and making the eyes appear more open and youthful.

So how does it work? Lash lifting works by changing the bonds of the lash hairs in order to achieve a subtle lift using a perming and setting solution.

What's involved? The treatment is completely pain free and takes around 45 minutes. First we place a guard over your lower lashes so they aren't affected by the solution. The next part is easy - You get to close your eyes and relax while we apply the different solutions and lifting rods. Finally we tint them to make the most of those amazing lashes!

How long does it last? Lash lifting lasts 6-8 weeks, which is your natural lash cycle where your lashes fall out and get replaced by new ones.

Is there anything I should know? The whole lifting process is completely safe but if you are concerned about reacting to the solution you can always pop in and we can do a patch test to make sure. Like with other perming solutions try not to get your lashes wet and avoid oily creams around the eye for 24 hours after. Also make sure your not wearing contacts to your appointment as the solution might get behind them and irritate your eye. 

How do I make the most of my new lift? Lash lifting always looks better with long lashes so start using a serum like lashfood to grow those lashes! Also make sure that you are using a good natural mascara that will help keep your lashes healthy as some mascaras can dry your lashes out causing them to become brittle and break. We love Eye of Horus and Osmosis mascaras!