Internal Wellness

‘Beauty is only skin deep’ said no beautician EVER! Our skin is a mirror image of our bodies own internal health, so look after the inside and you can guarantee you’ll be looking radiant on the outside as well!


When dealing with skin conditions I always look at what’s going on beneath the surface as most skin conditions can’t be cured with only a topical solution. A good example of this is Melasma a dark pigmentation that usually occurs during pregnancy. Melasma is due to an inflammatory response by the liver and no amount of external topical creams is going to fix it.

Below I’ve listed some of my favourite internal supplements to help you on your way to a more harmonised you!



Harmonised Waters: I am obsessed with the harmonised water range! It has changed my life and my skin in ways I’ve never thought possible! HW is a range of supplements that utilizes frequencies imprinted on water molecules to balance energetic disruptions in our system. Sounds like snake oil but this stuff actually works! It’s based on the idea that all cells contain specific and unique vibrational frequencies. Some frequencies can be harmful to our cells such as gamma rays and x rays but there are some frequencies that can be beneficial and these frequencies are what osmosis has put into the harmonised waters. These waters recalibrate imbalanced cells, cancel harmful frequencies and replace and enhance the body’s natural frequency. There are 21 different harmonized waters to choose from depending on your requirements there’s even one that helps against UV and one that helps against mosquitos! I always turn to HW when helping someone with a skin condition especially acne or rosacea!


This was one of the first products I tried from osmosis and I love it so much I even put my dog on it! Restore contains a patented oxygen molecule that has proven remarkable benefits throughout the body. The body utilizes this oxygen to fight off viruses and other infections to repair oxidative damage and to enhance overall immunity. As we age one of the key reasons for a decline in the body is the loss of oxygen over time. Restore is my first line of defense when dealing with Melasma (internally derived hyperpigmentation), auto immune deficiencies and other inflammatory conditions.


one of my all-time favourites elevate is a caffeine free supplement that assists in reversing the signs of aging, boosts energy and increases fat loss and cellular repair.

Elevate works by giving cells all of the “activators” that are needed to encourage the formation of additional energy (ATP). When you increase your ATP levels, you enhance your energy, metabolism, focus and every cell function in your body. One of the most tremendous benefits from using this supplement is its ability to take fat from your cells to stimulate ATP production improving overall health. This supplement has won a host of awards and is recommended for anyone wanting to promote fat loss, athletes as it improves muscle tone and function and anyone wanting to improve their mental clarity. I personally use it to help with my 3.30itis and to help detox my system.



New to the osmosis range Complete was designed for all us sore tummy babies. Great for people who suffer from acid reflux, rosacea, bloating IBS or constipation, Complete is a digestive enzyme supplement which helps to break down food easing digestion and increasing nutrient absorption.



Also new to the osmosis range, DIM (short for its main ingredient Diindolylmethane) is our savior from the potentially toxic environment we live in. DIM is derived from cruciferous vegetables (the cauliflower, cabbage family) and helps balance and detox estrogenic toxins in the body which come from things such as soy, food preservatives, pesticides and chlorine. Personally I think everyone should be on this but it is especially recommended for people with hormonal, diet and stress induced acne, women with a history of fibrocystic breast disease, a history of breast uterine or ovarian cancer, swimmers and individuals that consume high levels of processed foods.