TLB Favourite Makeup Tips


Cheeks, Bronzer and Highlighter
• Blusher is your best friend. Used correctly it can help contour, lift and add life to your skin
• Warm toned skin should use a blush with cool undertones such as pinks
• Cool toned skin needs to be warmed up and should use a blush with warm undertones such as peach or golds
• If you want a bronzer with no shimmer try using a foundation powder 2-3 shades darker than your skin colour
• Bronzer should be applied to the outer corners of your face – the hairline, temples, under the cheek bones and under the jaw
• Make highlighter your new best friend, apply it to the centre of your forehead, brow bone, down the centre of the nose (if you have a flat or wide nose), top of the cheek bone, cupids bow and centre of the chin.
• If you want a highlighter with no shimmer try a white eye shadow or a foundation shade 2-3 shades lighter than your skin colour


• Brows are very on trend. The right brow can help frame your face, lift your eyes and take years off you. Always use a brow product such as a pencil, kohl, gel or pencil.
• Your brows should be as dark or darker than your hair. Light brows can make you look washed out. Try having them tinted.
• Groomed brows make it easier to get the right brow. Don’t over pluck your brows.
• Don’t fill in the inner corners of your brow too much as it can make you look harsh
• For a more natural look use a shade lighter than your brow when pencilling in but make sure to stick to the tone of your hair (warm
browns for warm hair colour and cool browns for ashy shades)
• Use a highlighter or light eyeshadow underneath your brow along your brow bone to lift your brow



• Apply your eye products in this order – eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara
• make sure you replace your mascara every 3-6 months.
• Eye shadow colours should complement your eye and hair colour


• Always apply a lip conditioner/balm before applying your lip liner and lipstick. It will help stop your lips from drying out and make your lip stick last longer.
• If applying a lipstick or liquid lipstick use a lip liner first
• Use a lip brush to get the perfect lip line
• If using a dark or bright lip colour you can use concealer and powder around the edges of the lip line to define it and stop it bleeding
• Make your lips appear fuller by applying highlighter to the cupids bow and the middle of the bottom lip
• If you have smaller thin lips stay away from dark lip colours
• If you love dramatic lip colours make sure you whiten your teeth, bright and dark colours tend to highlight any yellow in your teeth
• Everyone should have at least two lip colours – a nude/neutral for low key looks and a something bright and on trend for more
formal looks
• If you have very dry lips use a lanolin based lip balm such as bite beauty’s lip mask or lanolips range. Lanolin is a by-product of wool
production and has its use has no adverse effect on the sheep.


Mature skin

• Stay away from liquid foundations if you have a lot of fine hair on your face as it can stick to the hair and end up highlighting it
• Stay away from talc based powders as these can flatten your appearance and highlight any fine lines
• Mineral foundation powders are fantastic as they help to diffuse and smooth any fine lines
• When choosing eye shadows, blushes, highlighters and bronzers go for satin or matt formulas and stay away from shimmers, frosts
and glitters
• As we age we tend to loose colour in our face so make blush and lipstick your new best friend
• Opt for lighter eye shadow colours to lift your eyes
• Make sure to use a brow product to add some colour and definition to your brows
• Preserve what you have, use makeup with good ingredients that won’t snap your lashes, cause dermatitis or dry out your skin


Must have products
1. Liquid and powder foundation (Osmosis cc cream, liquid foundation, pressed or loose base)
2. Bronzer (osmosis bronzer, contour duo, darker pressed base)
3. Highlighter (osmosis contour duo, white eyeshadow, shimmer eyeshadow in champagne colours)
4. Blush (osmosis blush or lip glaze)
5. Bite Beauty Lip Mask
6. Nude lip colour (osmosis lipstick, glaze or gloss, bite beauty lip crayon, dose of colours matt liquid lipstick)
7. Bright lip colour (osmosis lipstick, glaze or gloss, bite beauty lip crayon, dose of colours matt liquid lipstick)
8. Lip liner (Osmosis lip liner)
9. Brow product (Osmosis brow gel, Eye of Horus Duo brow perfect, brow define)
10. Mascara (Osmosis volumizing, curling, Eye of Horus goddess mascara)
11. White, Taupe/Nude and Black Eyeshadow (Red apple lipstick, modern minerals, alma pure)
12. Eye Trio Shadow (Osmosis)
13. Eye Liner (Osmosis kohl, liquid, Eye of Horus Liquid, goddess pencil)
14. Brushes – (Osmosis Kabuki, Blender, crease, angled blush, oval, contour and smudge)
15. Makeup sponges
16. Mascara wands
17. Cotton buds
18. Lashfood lash serum
19. Pearly whites, teeth whitening range
20. Z palette