Brow/Ear/Nose/Patches $20 each
Shoulders & Back of Neck $45
Back $50
Chest $60
Lower Leg $45
Full Leg $85


Grooming combo: Choose any three grooming treatments and receive 50% off the lowest priced treatment. Must be used in one appointment.





Designed exclusively for men, our man-a-cure combines the essential elements of a manicure but is taylor made to suit our male cliental. Your hands will be scrubbed with our organic sugar scrub to help remove any dirt build up and soften calluses. Then your nails and cuticles will be trimmed and tidied as well has any dirt under the nails removed. A relaxing hand massage using our specialty surmanti man organic products will complete your treatment.




Designed exclusively for men, our man-i-pedi revitalizes tired feet with a organic sugar scrub and soak. Your heels will be buffed and nails and cuticles tidied. Your treatment is finished off with a foot massage using our specialty surmanti man organic products. No feminine frills, just pure bliss.





Take a break with our man-a-cure man-i-pedi combo. Start with a relaxing soak and an organic sugar exfoliation to revive tired limbs. Heels buffed, nails and cuticles tidied and finished off with a hand and foot massage. You’ll float out the door.



Male Express

This nourishing facial is designed with the preferences and needs of our gentlemen guests in mind: fewer fragrances and a deeper level of hydration to counter the drying effects of shaving. Your skin will be deep cleansed with sulfate-free cleansers and cranberry enzymes to help clean pores and then hydrated with one of our nourishing masks to restore skin texture and glow to your skin.



De-Stress Back Massage + Foot Soak

The fast pace of modern life and increased stress on mental activity put your body under great tension. This treatment aims to neutralise these effects by working on the superficial layers of the back, neck and shoulder muscles to calm the nervous system, reduce headaches, sore necks and soothe the soul. 



Mans World

Every man needs some time out and what better way to do it than with this relaxing combination of a de stressing back massage and express facial.