Special occasion or in need of a little glow? Our natural spray tans can help put a spring in your step.


Brownallyear organic tanning formula

State of the art specially designed tanning room




 Organic Spray Tan $50
Fast Developing Spray Tan $55

Beautique Tan Loyalty:

Pay for 4 and receive your 5th tan on us (must be prepaid and is valid for 6 months from purchase)



Make The Most Of Your Tan

Before your tan:

Make sure you exfoliate, wax or shave no less than 24 hours before your spray tan. Leave at least 2 hours between having a shower and coming for your spray tan.

Come to the salon dressed in dark loose clothing and make sure you have removed any moisturiser, makeup and deodorant before your appointment.

We do not recommend having a tan with the following treatments: Our one hour medi facials, any massage, any waxing or our packages involving these. 

During your tan:

Our organic tan takes 6-8 hours to develop while our fast developing tan takes 1-2 hours.

During the developing stage make sure not to get your tan wet as this can make the tan uneven. This includes rainy weather, excessive sweating, swimming, hand washing and showering.

Also avoid any excess rubbing such as exercise and tight clothing.

During the developing stage the guide (the initial colour that you see) may move around on the skin and settle into any creases. Do not be alarmed as this will wash off with your first shower. The active part of your tan is clear and develops underneath the guide.

Maintaining your tan:

Any form of exfoliation or rubbing will remove the tan faster. These include exfoliating, shaving, waxing and depilatory creams. 

Moisturised healthy skin holds onto the tan longer therefore we recommend moisturising daily with Noodle body oil and top up in between tans with one of the Brownallyear tanning products to extend the life of your spray tan.

Spray tans are an easy and safe alternative to getting a tan and should last between 4-10 days however it is dependant on how you look after your tan. 

If you are new to our tans we recommend trialling your spray tan a few weeks before a big event as every skin is different. If you have any questions at all give us a call, email or pop in and say hi!