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Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

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This has got to be the best looking electric toothbrush around! AND it's eco friendly! The toothbrush body and charging dock are made from recyclable plastic and metals and while not biodegradable they are 100% recyclable and from full charge the battery should last 5-6 weeks so great to take on adventures. A USB charger means it's easy to recharge anywhere including your car and the bamboo and charcoal brush heads are kind on the planet.  5 brush modes at up to 35,000 pulses per minute including a whitening mode and a sensitive gums mode means this brush is perfect for everyone!

Replacement heads can be purchased through our website.



  • Bamboo look charging base and brush handle
  • USB charging cable
  • 3 bamboo brush heads with 3 different bristles types
  • User manual
  • 1 year product warranty card