Pure Cosmetica Advanced-C Serum

Pure Cosmetica Advanced-C Serum

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This face oil serum is specifically formulated for anit-aging and enhanced skin health. Regular use of Advanced-C Face Oil Serum will enable your skin to maximise it's natural ability to stay youthful, bright and refreshed. Used in conjunction with Intense-A Face Oil Serum, this duo provides superior skin rejuvenation, firmness, wrinkle reduction, elasticity, hydration and collagen production to maximise a youthful and healthy appearance.

This formulation is made from sustainably sourced natural oils and nutrients containing Vitamins A,B,C,D,E,F and K, omegas and essential minerals with 70% of the oils containing vitamin C.


- Natural skin moisturisation
- Firm, smooth and flexible skin
-Stimulation in deep dermal layers
-Help rejuvenate skin cells
-Anti-aging and youthful appearance
-Line and wrinkle reduction
-Skin health and nourishment