Immune Boosters

Immune Boosters

Most of us take our immune system for granted without much thought or worry as to whether it's functioning properly or what exactly it is. However with yet another new co-vid variant infecting the population, boosting your immune system is a simple way of protecting yourself and those you love.


Vitamins: We all know Vitamin C boosts immunity but the medical community is recommending is also recommending Vitamin B6, D and Zinc to ward off the nasties.


Oxygen: Your body uses oxygen to fight off bugs and repair damage. Low oxygen levels can suppress your immune system making it difficult to bounce back. You can increase your oxygen levels by breathing exercises and taking Osmosis Immune Activator which contains a patented stabilised oxygen molecule that enhances immunity inside and out.


Exercise: We all know exercise is good for you but did you also know that exercise also keeps you ready to fight off any illnesses? During exercise Cytokines are released which aids in the the growth and activity of your immune system and blood cells. Lymphocytes, your crime fighting white blood cells are also circulated throughout your body.


Balance: Your body functions in the range of 62 - 72 Hz. Different diseases and illness changes the frequency of the molecules in your bodies. If it dips below this ideal range it causes your body to become weaker making it harder to fight off the infection. The easiest way to keep your body balanced is through Osmosis Elixirs which brings your body back into balance. We all have Immune Defence Elixir in our Co-vid SOS boxes at home!


Eat a Rainbow: The easiest way to make sure we are getting enough nutrients from our food is to make sure every meal has a variety of colours (artificial colours don't count). Dark green leafy vegetables have a high level of polyphenols which have antioxidant properties. Purples such as beetroot and blackberries contain lypocene, flavonoids, and vitamin D and K. Orange foods such as citrus and carrots have high levels of vitamin C and Carotenoids.