SOS Beauty: What to do in a pinch

SOS Beauty: What to do in a pinch

First date, wedding or holiday. What do these three things have in common? You can almost guarantee your going to have a beauty disaster! Whether it's a pimple eruption, a spray tan disaster or an overgrown bush we've compiled a list of how to minimise the disaster.

Situation: It's your wedding day tomorrow and you've just sprouted the largest pimple in your adult life!

Solution: Firstly DON'T PANIC. If it's a white head cleanse your face with hot steamy water to open up your pores. Then clean the area ( alcohol will do in a pinch) then get two cotton buds (the kind your not supposed put in your ears but lets face it we all do) and gently squeeze your pimple and remove all the build up. Apply a clean tissue to the area and hold until it has finished weeping and then apply an antibacterial cream and pop a plaster on it. DO NOT TOUCH IT. Instead let it heal over the next couple of hours and your makeup artist can work wonders to cover anything that is left. If it's a deep sore cystic pimple that doesn't have a head the absolute worst thing you can do is try and squeeze it. Instead you need to reduce the inflammation so ice it first then pop some anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen. If you have a liquid capsule of ibuprofen you can apply some of that liquid to topically target the inflammation. As sore as these cystic pimples are they are super easy to cover up with makeup and no one will be any wiser.


Situation: You've had a tanning disaster to rival Ross from Friends.

Solution: Mix lemon juice and sugar together and gently rub over the offending area. Let it sit for up to 20 minutes ( remove immediately if your skin reacts) then wash off. The lemon juice will lighten and lift the pigment while the sugar acts as both a chemical and physical exfoliant.


Situation: You've forgotten to book your waxing appointment.

Solution: If you just need to get into a swimsuit tweeze the offending hairs from the crease of your thigh outwards.  If it's a last minute date then trim up the lady garden and tell your date pubic hair is back in fashion. It may be tempting to shave but shaving such an intimate area can lead to shaving rash and more of a prickly cactus than soft garden feel. 


Situation: Your mascara has graced more than just your lashes

Solution: I know it's tempting but resist the urge to wipe it off straight away. Instead wait until the mascara has dried and gently brush it off with a cotton bud. Problem solved!


Situation: Your Foundation is too light/dark

Solution: We always recommend you have 3 shades so you can custom bend as your skin tone changes throughout the year. If you only have one colour then try these remedies: If your foundation is too light, apply the foundation to your forehead, cheekbones and chin then gently blend out from there. Your foundation will act like a highlighter rather than just covering the whole of your face. If you have a bronzer or a brown eye shadow you can apply these to under the chin, under the cheek bones and temples to blend and contour the rest of your face. If your foundation is too dark then using the same principles as above apply the darker foundation to the contours of your face and blend out. Then apply a highlighter or lighter eye shadow colour to the brow bone, cheeks and chin. 


Hopefully these little tips and tricks will help you the next time your in a sticky situation!