I've never done anything with my eyelashes and I don't know where to begin!

No problem! Pop in for an eyelash tint and have a talk to one of therapists to see what other options are right for you.

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is similar to eyelash curling or perming except the goal is to lift your lashes from root. Most people don't have much of a natural curl to their lashes. This can be due to  age, genetics or lash condition. Lifting your lashes exposes the whole length of your lash making them appear fuller, longer and more dramatic.

How long does an eyelash lift last for?

Our lash lifts are permanent which means they will stay lifted until they naturally fall out and are replaced by new untreated lashes. This process is different for everyone but usually 6-8 weeks. We find people who use lash growth serums such as our lashfood serum can go longer between appointments because their lashes have a longer growth phase so don't fall out as quickly. We do recommend getting them tinted every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking on point.

Is eyelash lifting bad?

Not at all! Our product is vegan, cruelty free and gentle. We do recommend getting patch tested before hand if it's your first time or your sensitive to ingredients.

What is the difference between an eyelash lift and extensions?

Both give dramatic results and we did used to do lash extensions but found that our clients loved lash lifting more. With lash extensions fake lashes are attached to your own lashes with glue. You generally need to get them redone every 2-3 weeks and maintenance is high. With eyelash lifting there is nothing foreign on your eyes so it's a great option for sensitive eyes, athletes and people who rub their eyes a lot. Eyelash lifting is also a lot less maintenance with appointments every 6-8 weeks. 

How long do my lashes have to be for an eyelash lift?

We can lift any length but the longer your lashes are the more dramatic the result. We recommend uses our lash lift serum and a growth serum for best results. 

How long does an eyelash lift appointment take?

An eyelash lift is quite a process so expect to be in the salon for 45-75 minutes depending on the condition and length of your lashes.

What is a Yumi Eyelash Lift?

Yumi is a brand of lifting solutions from France. We use Elleebana which is a premium lash and brow company from Australia who has been curating brows for over 20 years. Our formula uses a cysteamine HCL active with no thioglycolate to gently reposition hairs and a plant based keratin treatment (Keratin is an animal byproduct) to nourish and strengthen hair. Our lash lifting formula is Vegan, Cruelty Free and gentle.


Our three step Vegan Keratin Lash Lift 'Lifts' your natural lashes creating volume, curl and length and lasts up to 12 weeks. Great for people with longer lashes that want a low maintenance option to Lash Extensions.

Eyelash tinting

Our lash tints darken your natural lashes adding definition and lasting up to 4 weeks.

Eyelash intensive treatment

A vegan, cruelty free, plant based lash protective serum containing antioxidants, essential fatty acids and natural extracts for optimal lash health. Included in our lash lifts add this option on to a eye lash tint or facial for a natural boost.

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