I've never done anything with my brows and I don't know where to begin!

No problem! We love a brow virgin because we can make such a huge difference! Book in for an eye brow tint + shape and talk to one of our brow experts about the different treatments that might work for you.

Which brow treatment covers grey hairs the best?

As we age our hair texture changes making it harder for traditional tinting to penetrate the follicle. We recommend Henna Brow Sculpt as it wraps around the outside of the hair completely covering the grey and smoothing the overall texture.

What is the difference between tinting, henna and lamination?

Tinting and Henna are both treatments used to colour the brows where as lamination changes the direction of the hairs.

What is the most natural eco friendly brow treatment?

Henna is a dye that is made from the Henna plant and has been used for thousands of years. It doesn't use an activator like traditional hair dyes such as hydrogen peroxide making it a better option for sensitive skins.

Isn't all henna red?

The Henna sourced is of the highest quality and isn't that traditional ruddy red that you see in cheaper henna products. It also contains indigo to counteract any warmth so we are able to get a range of colours from light ash blonde to warm browns and cool blacks.

Why can't I have brow henna and lamination?

You can - you just have to wait between appointments. Eyebrow Lamination opens up the hair follicle and we need to wait a few days for the follicle to close in order to apply the Henna.

How long does each treatment last?

You need to get your brows shaped every 4-6 weeks to maintain the shape and keep up with the hairs natural growth cycle. Brow tinting lasts 2-3 weeks, Henna lasts 5-6 weeks and Lamination lasts 4-8 weeks. Lamination is a permanent process so once those hairs are treated they will remain laminated until they naturally fall out and are replaced with new hairs.

Why is henna and lamination more expensive?

Brow Henna and Brow Lamination are both advanced brow techniques that require further training and a more experienced technician. The cost of the products and the extra time it requires are significantly more but we promise it is 100% worth it! The majority of our cliental have converted to these advanced techniques and are loving their results.

I'm allergic to hair dye, is brow henna an option for me?

Most people who are allergic to hair dye react to the ingredient PPD. This ingredient is also present in Henna to speed up developing time so there is a good chance you will also react to it. We have a wonderful range of brow products available that can help add colour and definition to your eyebrows.

What techniques do you use to shape brows?

We use our sensitive low temperature wax for eyebrow shaping and tweeze any stray hairs. We don't Thread. Waxing and Threading both remove the hair from the root, are precise and good for all skin types; it's just a different method.

What is Yumi lamination?

Yumi is a brand of lifting solutions from France. We use Elleebana which is a premium lash and brow company from Australia who has been curating brows for over 20 years. Our formula uses a cysteamine HCL active with no thioglycolate to gently reposition hairs and a plant based keratin treatment (Keratin is an animal byproduct) to nourish and strengthen hair. Our Lamination formula is Vegan, Cruelty Free and gentle.

Brow shape + tint

We always recommend a good tint as it helps define your new shape. New advances in tinting means we can create natural soft colours to suit your complexion. We recommend adding on an eyelash tint while your here to really make your peepers pop!

Henna brow sculpt

Henna creates a true statement brow. It wraps around the hair follicle and stains the skin giving you a powder brow tattoo effect without the needles. We can also create an ombre brow defining the arch and tails of your brow and fill in any gaps. Henna is ideal for grey brow hairs, sparse brows or those thinking of getting permanent makeup. We have a wide variety of colours and customise your shade depending on your individual needs. 

Brow lamination

Brow lamination is the hottest brow trend used to create fuller fluffier brows. While editorials feature exaggerated statement brows Lamination can also be used to fix uneven shapes, hide gaps and redirect stray or curly hairs. Lamination works the same way Lash Lifting does. The solution allows us to redirect and shape each individual hair and lasts until that hair naturally falls out and is replaced with a new unlaminated hair.

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