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Antimicrobial Face Mask

Silver Ion Technology

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Stylish and comfortable our Antimicrobial face mask has 3 layers of protection and is a great option for those dealing with the effects of maskne.

A moisture wicking polyester outer layer prevents moisture droplets from others and is durable and flexible.

A cotton inner absorbs excess moisture from your breath keeping your face dry.

SilverGuards 20% silver coated non woven fabric filter that destroys microorganisms and keeps your skins surface clear of bacteria.

Our mask is washable, reusable and best of all made in New Zealand. It comes in 2 sizes. A Medium which fits most women and a Large which fits larger faces and most men. 

Black with a dark grey/green logo on one of the corners.



Mask wearing isn't disappearing anytime soon and with increased mask wearing comes a new type of threat - MASKNE. Maskne is an irritation usually caused by a build up of moisture and bacteria underneath your mask. the inner cotton layer of our mask absorbs excess moisture and the silver ion filter creates silver ions which destroy any micro organisms including bacteria.

Clinical studies have shown that 99.99% of all bacteria is destroyed with this textile and has been 'Covid approved' in Belgium

These masks also have a lanyard so you can keep your hands free and your mask close.

Each mask comes in one of our cotton bags for safe keeping.

*please note that these are not designed to be medical grade face masks and while they will give you some protection we recommend regular hand washing and other hygiene practices on top of covering your face out in public. For more information on how you can keep safe visit the NZ Covid-19 website here.


Silver is naturally antimicrobial and has been used for hundreds of years before modern day hygiene standards. Silver is also a natural resource and unlike other cheaper alternatives our masks are made with a 20% silver coated fabric filter which will not wash away making this mask the perfect reusable solution.


Place mask over your head so the lanyard is around your neck and then pull the cords at each side of the mask and place over ears. Tighten lanyard for your comfort. The Lanyard keeps your mask around your neck enabling you to take it on and off with ease. A fantastic option for commuters and office workers.


Remove the silver filter and hand wash. Hand wash with soap in temperatures below 40 degrees or  in washing machine. Do not tumble dry.