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Hydra Balance Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

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Inspired by the wonders of nature's evolution, the Hydra Balance Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask is a nourishing masterpiece. It harnesses the power of potent and pure actives to deeply hydrate your skin and uphold a healthy skin barrier function. Our mission is to promote skin positivity at every stage, and we achieve this through a carefully curated blend of natural ingredients.

The key to this sheet mask's efficacy lies in the harmonious combination of flavonoid C glycosides, tryptophan, and lignan, all derived from the Kawakawa leaf extract. These powerful compounds work in synergy to combat redness, regulate oil production, and alleviate the effects of bacteria-based infections. By soothing the skin and restoring balance to an uneven complexion, this mask addresses the needs of oily combinations, problematic breakout-prone skin, and congestion.

We confidently assure you that real results have never been easier to achieve. Incorporate Biologi Hydra Balance Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask into your skincare routine, and witness the transformative effects firsthand. Embrace the simplicity of radiant, healthy skin with the power of nature on your side.


Biologi sheet masks Bio Cellulose material is derived from fully compostable coconut fibres, sourced from fermented coconut fruit extract. This eco-friendly choice ensures that this mask aligns with sustainable practices. The tightly woven fibres of the mask offer exceptional strength and flexibility, allowing for a superior fit and enhanced hydration capabilities. It not only retains and delivers moisture effectively but also facilitates excellent ingredient absorption.

With its soft and pliable texture, these sheet masks effortlessly contours to your face, enabling the active nutrients to penetrate deeply and be absorbed optimally, resulting in optimal skin benefits. And when it comes to packaging, rest assured that it's eco-friendly too. All the contents of the packaging are either recyclable, biodegradable, or packaged in soft materials that can be recycled.

We're committed to making sustainable choices every step of the way.