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Hydra Calm Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

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Nobody enjoys irritated, red, or sensitive skin! If you're tired of using supposedly soothing products that only worsen the irritation, Biologi has taken the initiative to develop the Hydra Calm Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask. This mask is infused with clean, pure ingredients to address your skin's needs. Packed with revitalising phytonutrients, our mask nourishes and protects your delicate skin barrier without adding to the skin's toxic load. The Snowflower leaf extract, chosen with confidence, offers a rejuvenating combination of phenolic acids and flavonoids. These ingredients effectively hydrate your skin, giving you a transformative glow that looks absolutely stunning on you!


Hydra Calm harnesses the power of 100% active nutrients to promote a reduction in irritation, redness, and an increase in hydration. The outcome? A restored, calm, and nourished complexion, all while being mindful of the environment.

The Bio Cellulose material in these masks are derived from fully compostable coconut fibres, sourced from fermented coconut fruit extract. This eco-friendly choice ensures that our mask aligns with sustainable practices. The tightly woven fibres of the mask offer exceptional strength and flexibility, allowing for a superior fit and enhanced hydration capabilities. It not only retains and delivers moisture effectively but also facilitates excellent ingredient absorption.

With its soft and pliable texture, this mask effortlessly contours to your face, enabling the active nutrients to penetrate deeply and be absorbed optimally, resulting in optimal skin benefits. And when it comes to packaging, rest assured that it's eco-friendly too. All the contents of the packaging are either recyclable, biodegradable, or packaged in soft materials that can be recycled.

We're committed to making sustainable choices every step of the way.