Face coverings give you a layer of protection against moisture droplets reducing the spread of air borne illnesses. But not all face masks are created equal, so here is a look at what you need to know about the best face masks to protect you from the global pandemic.



It’s all about the fit. An ill-fitting mask allows air to get in around the sides of the mask. Look for a mask that is able to mould to the contours of your face so it creates a seal. This makes sure that the only air you breathe in is the air filtered by your mask.



The best masks have at least three layers of different materials. The outside layer should be durable, moisture wicking and flexible. This first layer will repeal moisture droplets from other people and insure a tight seal around you face. The best material for this is Nylon or polyester.


The second layer is usually cotton or wool. Both absorb the moisture you exhale keeping it off your face. Silk is not a great option for the interior as it won’t absorb moisture.


Carbon filters are the most readily available and work by air containments sticking to the carbon in the filter. Wool filters are fantastic at trapping large molecules through its positive charge (ever get a static shock from taking off your jumper?) but doesn’t destroy them so there is the potential that you can still inhale them by touching your mask and then your face. Carbon filters have the shortest lifespan of all the filters and need to be replaced often. Some wool filters can also be reused which make them better for the planet.
Silver is naturally microbial and was used for thousands of years before modern day hygiene practices became the norm. The ions in silver destroy microorganisms (99.99%) and have been documented to also kill the covid 19 virus. Silver filters (not to be confused with Nano silver) are also washable and reusable and environmentally friendly. Silver can be toxic in extremely high concentrations (like everything) but the amount of silver ions released in a silver filter is low and no cause for alarm. Your body has a natural elimination pathway for dealing with silver which is to excrete it through urinary and faecal matter.

What is the best face mask for Maskne?

Bacteria and fungi love warm moist conditions so a mask that is comfortable, breathable and keeps you skin free of excess moisture and heat is the best solution for Maskne. Silver also reduces maskne by releasing silver ions that kill bacteria and fungi. Wash your mask regularly and use great skincare to further protect your skin.


The Little Beautiques Antimicrobial Silver Reusable Face Mask has a durable polyester outer layer to repeal moisture droplets, a cotton layer to absorb any moisture you exhale and a Silver filter made with 20% silver coated thread to destroy any microorganisms. I believe this is the best solution for protecting your skin and your body.