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The Little Beautique | Your Ethical Beauty Solution


The beauty industry can be a dirty place which is why at The Little Beautique, our brand was built with our values in mind. We believe in delivering top quality service and products to clients while focusing on natural and sustainable practices.


We curate the best products that are not only amazing for your skin but are holistic, natural, ethical and cruelty free. Which means you can enjoy looking after yourself, guilt free.


The Little Beautique has been part of the local community here in Whangaparoa Auckland since 2015 and we have built a loyal following of people that not only love what we do, but love what we stand for.


Through years of experience and thousands of clients, we know that everyone has diverse needs when it comes to getting the best skin. We provide expert support, products and treatments and can develop a customised programme just for you.


A full list of services and pricing can be found via the services tab. Alternatively if you aren't quite sure what you need, we offer a skin consultation service with the cost of the service redeemable on product. This means you can have one of our skin experts guide you through how best to look after your skin requirements and provide expert recommendations on the treatments and products that would be best for you.

  • Claire

    How did you get into the industry?

    I worked in the health sector and saw what a positive impact looking good and feeling good could have on my patients lives and I wanted to be part of it! As therapists we have one foot in the medical world and one foot in the holistic world. It's a great place to be!

    What's your favourite treatment?

    At the moment I'm obsessed with my Dermalux Light treatment. Non invasive and works on all skin types and a great mood booster!

    One product you can't live without?

    Osmosis Stemfactor Growth Factor Serum is my best friend.

    Drink of Choice?

    Feijoa Sparkling water!

    Whats your best beauty tip?

    Be kind and positive. Your emotions create tiny micro expressions and these in time will create your lines and wrinkles as you age. I want to be the happiest looking 80 year old!

  • Zoe

    How did you get into the industry?

    I've always had a love for makeup and beauty since I was a little girl. I loved how confident and beautiful makeup made me feel and I wanted to be able to do that for others, so I pursued makeup artistry which lead me to beauty therapy.

    What’s your favourite treatment?

    110% brow lamination! 

    What product can’t you live without?

    Osmosis Quench Nourishing Moisturiser & Protect Sunscreen combo!

    Your go to drink?


    What’s your number 1 beauty tip?

    Moisturiser is god sent! Use it to hydrate your skin for a natural no makeup day/night, or to prep your base before applying makeup. 

  • Zena

    How did you get into the industry?
    I was a client with bad acne. When I saw my skin change I wanted to do that for other people and help them feel their best.

    What's your fav treatment?
    Eye brow shape + tint. I love how you can change the whole face with some fresh brows.

    One product you can't live without?

    Osmosis Nourish Facial Oil. It locks in moisture and makes my skin feel hydrated all day.

    Drink of choice?

    Hazelnut oat milk latte.

    What's your best beauty tip?


Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your time with us:

Please confirm your appointment when you get your text reminder. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please do so 24 hours BEFORE your appointment so you don't have to pay the cancellation fee.

Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell or have any of the covid symptoms. You won't enjoy your appointment and your therapist doesn't want to become the next super spreader.

If you would like to make changes to your appointment please let us know prior to your arrival. We generally have our appointments booked back to back so requesting an add on may not be possible. Skipping a treatment or cutting down your appointment time with us means we have a space that could have been fulfilled by another Beautiquer so we will need to charge you for that treatment regardless.

Please arrive on time. If you are early please wait in your car to minimise the amount of people we have in the salon at one time. Late arrivals may mean we can't complete your treatment and no one wants half a Brazilian!

Please turn your phone on silent and and keep your voice down unless you have a hilarious story you think our other Beautiquers in the salon would appreciate hearing.


From the 3rd December 2021 we will be operating under the governments new "traffic light system". This means have had to change how we operate slightly.

Before your appointment you will be sent a COVID screening questionnaire that we need you to fill out prior to your appointment. If you do not fill this out we CANNOT let you in!

In RED we will need you to wear a mask at all times in the salon except when getting facial waxing, facials and massages. Please keep a 2 meter distance from any other customer. Our therapists will be wearing masks and additional PPE gear. All our rooms and common areas will be sanitised and disinfected between Beautiquers.

In ORANGE and GREEN we do not need you to wear a mask while in salon but we strongly suggest keeping it on in the common areas as well as keeping a 1 meter distance between other Beautiquers. Our therapists will still be wearing their masks at all times and our hygiene protocol of sanitising and disinfecting between clients will remain.